Plastic Injection Cooker Cleaner 

 It is a liquid anti-corrosion and cleansing agent for plastic processing machines. Economical in color changes. During the cleaning of Blown Film Drain, the liquid adheres to the raw material due to the additives it contains and cleans the Blown Film Machine deeply through the inhibitors occured during the combustion. Also the cleaner protects it against rust. Due to being a fluid, it leaks into the entire area of the oven and protects it against a probable corrosion. During the cleaning, the material expands to the foam. The limited volume of the Blown Film Machine is expanded and the pressure increases in Blown Film Machine and Plastic Granide. With this feature of the cleaner, all of the melt plastic granulate raw material coming into being previously, is sprayed out with pressure several times at the furnace or in the channel.


A unique product for cleaning the final black colors and tough polymers from the furnace. Processing in all conditions is not corrosive and does not contain any solvents. Especially effective in raw materials such as are ABS, PA, PET, PS, PMMA, PC, SAM, PVC, EVA, PU, TR, PBT, PPO, PP, PE etc. It is used between 248 °F - 608 °F (120 ° C and 320 ° C) temperatures and with extrusion. For an adequate cleaning of the equipment, according to the unit of the items and the volume of the cylinder, approximately 1% of Plastic Injection Cooker Cleaner is mixed to 1/10 Granule. It is sprayed out with foaming in Blown Film Machine. (The scale is packaged) "

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